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Begonia Lizard Leg

Designer: Villa Ridge Garden Centre


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A spectacular plant with highly ornamental foliage.  The leaves are strikingly coloured in various shades of green, red, silver and purple.  They are also textured and rough - like that of a lizard leg.

Likes: A warm well lit position in well draining soil.

Dislikes: Too much water!  They also don't like dry hot air from heating sources blowing on them.

Watering and feeding: Water at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry.  Keep them evenly moist, but not too wet. In fact, as an indoor house plant you can let them dry out slightly between waterings.  Use a fertiliser a little higher in Nitrogen to encourage their foliage growth.

Toxic to pets.

Pot size 12cm


Please be aware the purchased plant will vary from the product image.

Comes with black nursery pot only.