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Bridal Veil - Gibasis Geniculata

Designer: Villa Ridge Garden Centre


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Common Name: Bridal Veil


A gorgeous, old-fashioned, hardy, cascading house plant for hanging baskets or pots. Fine textured two tone purple/green leaves are accented by dainty white baby's breath like flowers.

This plant can get quite bushy, so you can trim it into shape occasionally if necessary.

Likes: Grows best in indirect bright light.

Dislikes: Temperature extremes.

Watering and feeding: Water around once a week.  But better to have the soil dryer, allowing the top to dry out between waterings.  Adjust watering frequency based on temperature and light levels.  Liquid feed once a month during active growth stages.  Use an all purpose potting mix.

Pot size 17.5cm


Please be aware the purchased plant will vary from the product image.

Comes with black nursery pot only.