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Monstera Deliciosa

Designer: Villa Ridge Garden Centre


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Common Name: Fruit Salad Plant or Swiss Cheese Plant


This gorgeous plant is very on trend, but that's not all, it is also one of the easiest around to care for and with it's unique foliage, it will be a stand out in your home.

This plant can grow very large, so support it with a moss pole or plant stake to help keep it proudly upright.

Young plants like this one have leaves that are smaller with no lobes or holes but as it matures it develops lobed and fenestrate leaves.

The leaves of the Monstera are toxic to cats and dogs, so best to keep them from pets attention.

Pot size 2.5L 

Likes - The Monstera Deliciosa enjoys gentle/filtered sunlight and an average room temperature.  It will like it's leaves being cleaned with a regular wipe using a damp cloth.

Dislikes - Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight as this will make it's leaves turn yellow. This one also won't do well in a dark corner.

Watering and feeding - This plant prefers an even level of moist soil, and grows best when letting the soil dry a bit between waterings. Feeding is essential if you want to see new, lush green leaves. We recommend normal strength fertiliser, and no more than once a month.


Please be aware the purchased plant will vary from the product image.

Comes with black nursery pot only.