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The 'ZZ' plant - Your natural air purifier.

An attractive foliage plant grown for their decorative leaves and one which thrives on neglect!  If you have been searching for an indoor plant that not only looks great but needs minimal care, then this one is for you.

This plant has a unique spiral structure and high gloss, deep green foliage.  It grows 60cm - 90cm.

The ZZ plant is resilient against drought, neglect, dry air, low light and bugs! Impressively it acts as a bio filtration system that works to purify the air. This makes it extremely appealing for office environments, retail complex's etc.

Likes - Bright indirect light, but will tolerate lower light.  Allow the plant to dry out well between waterings. Once a month watering should be sufficient and less frequently in winter.  Make sure that the pot and soil you use has good drainage to avoid root rot and do not over water.

Dislikes - Don't use leaf shiners as the leaves are naturally shiny and do not like a lot of chemicals. If necessary use a damp cloth.

Fertilise regularly with a soluble fertiliser during the growing season.

Pot size 14cm.

Please be aware the purchased plant will vary from the product images.

Comes with black nursery pot only.